Meet Our Team

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Brodie Guelfi – Sales & Service Manager

Hi, My Name is Brodie Guelfi and I am the Sales & Service Manager at Electron Energy Pty Ltd – your Western Australian, locally owned and operated family business. I have 12 years of experience in the Electrical & Instrumentation trades and have a vast range of experience due to exposure in the Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Mining sectors including Offshore & Overseas.

From early on during my apprenticeship days I knew someday I wanted to help to create a fair and reputable business that my fellow Perthians could depend on for many aspects and services. I have always maintained & lived by certain principals and I drive to uphold these throughout Electron Energy pty ltd with my colleagues as we continue to grow & evolve. The standards I set for myself are the very same standards that I put forward to all of our staff members to uphold, these standards, much like our service guarantee include but are not limited to:

I give you my personal guarantee that our standard of workmanship will be delivered every time, in a timely manner and I am extremely confident you will be satisfied and glad you decided to choose our services.

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“I Personally guarantee that each member of our team will deliver you the same high quality & great service every time”.

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Lorraine Barnard – Accounts Administrator

Hi, my name is Lorraine Barnard, I am an Accounts Administrator and I bring with me a wealth of finance experience in the private sector. My roles have included – Assistant Accountant, Manager of Financial Services and Manager of Finance and Administration. Having over 20 years experience in accounting I have worked in the Sales & Service, Oil & Gas, Mining and Agricultural Industries.

I am responsible for the handling of all our administrative and accounting duties and all financial reports for management.

My qualifications include- Certificate IV in Financial Services (Accounting), BAS/IAS Qualified and I am a voting member of the Australian Bookkeepers Association.

I Pride myself on:

I hope you decide to use us for all you Electrical, Instrumentaton and Data services in future. I look forward to working closely with you.

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“I am responsible for the handling of all our administrative and accounting duties, I hope you decide to use us for all your services in future as I look forward to working closely with you”.

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Tristan Duke – Audio Visual Technician

G’day! My name is Tristan Duke and I’m proud to be an employee of Electron Energy Pty Ltd. Since an early age, I’ve always had an interest in electronics such as PC rebuilding, Mobile phones, IP networking and even Car audio and visual among other things.

My dad worked in telecommunications and always brought home cool gadgets including the first mobile phones and laptops which sparked my interest, I’d consider myself a ‘jack of all trades’ working in various fields trying to find my calling. I’ve done everything from Parks and Gardens, Warehousing – store man, Truck driving and DJing!
I have been dealing with low voltage and CCTV systems for many years and was lucky to be a part of helping many buildings throughout Perth go ‘Green’ with multiple floor LED lighting fit outs.

I have a very high standard of work in everything I put my mind to, whether it be putting together music for my DJ sets, installing Surveillance systems and alarms or installing downlights. That being said, everything I do is completed in a timely and safe manner.
I look forward to helping you with all your Audio & Visual needs!

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