Electrical & Instrumentation

Here at Electron Energy our Electricians & technicians can supply, install, service and calibrate a broad spectrum of industrial instruments & electrical apparatus to measure and control most process parameters.

From a single instrument calibration callout to a full plant shutdown, Electron Energy is dedicated to delivering the best and ensure we will maintain your plant to its peak performance and compliance level with minimal disruption as humanly possible to your processes.

Some of the E&I services EE can offer you:

  • 14Pressure devices – switches, transmitters, gauges & controllers
  • Analytical equipment – Chlorine, Bromine & more
  • Temperature – controllers, transmitters & indicators
  • Levels – ultrasonic, pressure, capacitance
  • Loop checks – single & multiple loop systems
  • Start up and Commissioning support services
  • Electrical Installations – 12VDC to 1000VAC
  • Tubing installations & rectification works
  • Beamex calibration certificates & reports
  • Tube panels & skid constructions
  • Project & team management
  • BOM Building – remote & site based
  • Personnel hire



15Do you offer turnkey packages and only need basic Instrumentation services? We can offer a simple out of box check service and pre-Cal from our Perth based workshop, or yours prior to having your apparatus sent to site (in most cases we visit site to perform this service & final calibrations).




Why not send everything up to site knowing your pre-cals are complete and your instruments are within their correct operating spans & ranges? Sending instruments back to suppliers can be a costly exercise from a remote location.

If you are having trouble with your current E&I installation or would like to us to quote on your projects skid/panel construction please give us a call today on 0423 676 890 or email us at Enquiries@electronenergy.com.au for a no obligation free quote.

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