Solar Energy & Storage

Are you sick and tired of seeing horrific power bills from your Electricity supplier?

12Do you want to get “off the Grid” and start running your business with more free power?

Our team of specially trained Technicians can offer you a system to meet your requirements, It’s as simple as sending us your power bill! From this we can produce a comprehensive no obligation free quote, tell you the maximum size of the system you can install at your premises and just how much better off your life will be for having us out to retrofit your business with Solar Power.





Do you require a Grid connected system that will connect to your smart phone and tell you how much power per day, per week or month it is producing? How about an annual forecast?

How does a standalone system that stores its energy in high quality slim line batteries sound? You can consume all the charged power at night time so you’re not running off the grind 24/7.





For your free comprehensive no obligation quote, give us a call today on 0423 676 890 or email us at and let us get your business powered up!

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